Change brush opacity with keys + zoom to fit whole canvas

A bit of a dramatic title but honestly just because of this one missing option I’m yet to use Aseprite for anything other than the occasional animation, even though I bought it a year ago. The issue is I’m so used to being able to alter brush ink alpha levels with the number keys 1-9 on photoshop that I can’t live without them. It’s so quick to create a slight shade darker by setting alpha to 50%, painting over the colour and then selecting that colour.

As far as I can see the only shortcut with Aseprite for setting ink alpha levels is with the mouse wheel which understandably is not very accurate. You can’t easily set it to about half, never mind exactly half.

I know a lot of people set up a palette first and use that, but I tend to develop the colours as I go. I know the number keys are set to alter zoom levels as it is, but personally I’d rather have one key to set to full screen (another issue currently being fixed apparently) and then use the preview window for the zoomed out view, rather than keep zooming in and out. That would leave the number keys free to set ink opacity.

I figured it’s not really productive of me to just never use Aseprite but rather better to at least mention the issue. It’s just an option rather than anything else, it wouldn’t need to be default or anything like that. I’m pretty sure I’d use it all the time over photoshop if this option were there. I can’t think of any other shortcomings and it’s better than photoshop in many other areas.

Thanks for considering it anyway.