Changes affecting other frames

First of all, I love Aseprite. I love the UI and the look and it really makes me want to do pixel art.

However sometimes, like right now, I will be working on some animation, and then I go back to some earlier frames, and find that my layers have changed there as well. I can’t really describe it better.

Does anyone recognise what might be happening and what I am doing wrong?

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Are some of your cels linked, perhaps?

No, definitely not linked.

This is happening to me as I write this and it’s slowing down my progress tremendously.

It tends to happen while I’m using the select (marquee) tool; I’ll select and copy from one frame, paste it in another frame and do work on it (like flipping this pasted bit horizontally), and minutes later I’ll find out it also flipped the same bit in the frame I copied from.

Yes! This is exactly that I am experiencing. I am not saying this is a bug, it’s probably something in my workflow, I just want to know what I’m doing wrong.

Hi there! Could someone (maybe @Cadburylion?) describe the exact steps? or maybe record a gif )e.g. with licecap) showing how to reproduce this issue? It might be a bug or some odd behavior that could be improved.

Thanks for the reply! I just recently discovered something (that I can reproduce) in my workflow that causes unexpected changes for me. I would do:

Select something with marquee tool (with a view to delete it).
Discover I am on the wrong layer.
Click on the name of the correct layer.

For me, this deletes the selection across all frames on that layer. Is this intentional?

That sounds pretty intentional to me. If you want to delete something from one layer in only one frame, you should select the cel, not the layer. When you select a layer, all cels for that layer are selected, this is even reflected in the UI via the cels’ background colour.

Sorry to bring this back, but I am experiencing the same issue. I’m trying to make some letters “float” upwards one by one but one of them - just one of them - whenever I touch it, it affects all the frames… I have no clue why.

So, for example, I’ve just made this frame:

(Ok, apparently I can only post one picture per post… :frowning: so I’ll merge it all in a terrible Paint image made from screenshots of the preview and post the 3 images I wanted on the bottom of this post)

And then I proceed forward and find this:

(image 2)

The ‘i’ (and just the i - each letter is a layer) applied itself the same movement that I did in one frame… to all frames.
All layers are setup exactly the same, I just “split” the word - but this is only happening to that one…
And if I fix it on that frame and go back to the first one…

(image 3)

It is moved back again…

I’m not sure how to explain it better than that, I’m doing exactly the same on all the letters but for some reason this is happening to that layer :frowning:

Make sure you’ve selected just the one cel you want to edit in the timeline rather than the entire layer. If you select the layer, that’ll select all the cels in that layer, and your changes will apply to all of them.