Changing color of all pixels? (Color change/Magic Paint Bucket)

I forgot the name of it, but you know that tool in some programs that let’s you click on one pixel, and it replaces every pixel of that color with a different color? Is there something like that here? That would be very helpful.

yeah, that’s “replace color” edit -> replace color (or shift+r)

Or you can just use the paint bucket tool and disable the “contiguous” tickbox, that has the same effect as “replace color”.

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Oh yeahhhhh I didn’t think to try that, that makes a lot of sense. That sounds infinitely easier and more like the tool I’m used to. Thank you! :smiley:

You’re welcome.
There is also another alternative if you’re using indexed mode - unlocking your pallette and directly changing the color in question, which will change all pixels using that index. That’s useful for tweaking your pallette shades and highlights faster.
Even if you’re using RGB mode, if you have less than 256 colors in your sprite (and don’t mind your pallette getting a bit de-organized), you can do “Create pallette from sprite”, switch to indexed mode, do your editing, then switch back to RGB if you need to.

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