Changing Layer/Group name pollutes Undo History


Changing Layer/Group name fills Undo History with unnecessary “Set Layer Properties” instances.
Creating layer with a long name like “Weapon_Original” generates up to 15 instances of “Set Layer Properties” in stack. The real nightmare comes when you see a typo :smiley: Opacity and Blending modes are OK to generate more than one instance - because those changes affect image.

What should happen:

Changing Layer/Group name should generate “Set Layer Properties” in Undo stack once upon pressing Enter or closing properties window.


Agreed, this bothers me too. It generates a new entry in history for every key press, which is entirely unnecessary for the user, and results in situations where one can’t undo far enough to fix something after renaming multiple layers.

I’ll try to fix this for the next release. I guess that the Enter key/closing the dialog solution doesn’t work in this case because the dialog is non-modal (it means that you can use the sprite editor while it’s open).

PS. Editing the palette does something similar, so changes should be grouped in some way.

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