Changing Layer Order Over Time?

Is there a way to change the layer order only on specific frames? Say on frame 1 I want layer 2 above layer 1, but on frame 2 I want layer 1 above layer 2 - is that possible?

Edit: The reason I ask is that I’m trying to animate a solar system, and once I make the planets start orbiting the sun, it’d be nice if I could move different planets layer order above or below the sun sprite on different frames of the orbit.

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nope, but in this case you don’t need that. you can move cels in layers as you wish, so you can separate your animations into different layers:

layer 1 | planet | planet | ...... | ...... |
layer 2 |  sun   |  sun   |  sun   |  sun   |
layer 3 | ...... | ...... | planet | planet |
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Wait you can move cells in layers? How do you do that? :sweat_smile:

Sorry I’m quite new to Aseprite.

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yes, you can ;]