Changing the pallet after saving an Animation/sprite

I just saved an animation of mine. And I just saw that something was off and decided I wanted to change it. But currently I cannot add new colors to the file. It keeps changing new colors into the colors of the color pallet of the sprite. I tried making a new color pallet but then the whole sprite gets changed to the colors of the new pallet which messes it up.

How can I prevent aseprite from changing the colors?

Thanks in advance!


hi, squaqy! it seems like you’re in indexed mode. in that mode you can only add colours to the end of a palette, because the colours are tied to index numbers of palette entries. go to sprite → color mode and set it to rgb.

I see! Thank you Olga :smiley:

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This is okay

Try clicking that “Remap” button under the palette. This remaps the pixel indices to the nearest colours in the new palette.