Changing touchpad navigation?


I’ve been using aseprite for a few months and I absolutely love it. However, while on a plane I attempted to use the program with a touchpad and it was very difficult. The amount that it zoomed is way, way too intense for such a short distance, and I wanted to figure out how to change the touchpad navigation, but to no avail.

I have two questions:

Is it possible to change the touchpad sensitivity?


Is it possible to “remap” the touchpad functions (ex. changing scrolling with two fingers to panning instead of changing brush size)?

If either of these are possible, please tell me how to do so. Thank you!!

Hi @sup3r87, are you on Windows or Linux? This is a known issue for Windows and Linux, but it’s something we’d like to improve in the near future (adding more touch-friendly UI too).

Hey! I’m using a windows laptop.

Hi dacap! Bought a 5000$ Zephyrus duo and the same thing is happening with the touchpad mouse. Have been using Microsoft Surface 2017 model this far with a great success. Adding a sensitivity button would be great! It’s really mandatory for me to be able to use aseprite on a big screen before starting to draw.

The touch controls on the touch display works great! It’s smooth and nice. It’s been working for years but I have to thank for the great work and great time I have had with Aseprite.

If you need help with testing or beta builds let me know.

Oh. I need to clarify:

  1. When I swipe two fingers down it zooms uncontrollably in. Up and we go out.

  2. From pinch and widen finger gestures won’t do nothing. Is there any workaround? Wouldn’t bother to change anything in windows though as everything works on a touch interface on the second screen.

preferences → editor → uncheck “zoom with scroll wheel” to get pinch to zoom :slight_smile: