Check out my new amateur mediocre artwork

I just got into pixel art very recently. I wanted to share with you guys my little humble work. Thank you for your time and constructive criticism.


not bad, but i would recommend learning dithering, and teh shadoes on the moon doest match up with the light source, also i recommend the use of a palette if you dont know color theory or ist proficient in it

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Thank you so much. You are right, im a beginner in art in general, im kinda bad at color theory, still learning tho. Do you have any recommendation for easier dithering process, you custom brush or something?

Again, thank you, im grateful to have advices from such a professional. Glad to have this community.

you can use make dither patterns and do ctrl b do make a brush pattern, but honestly you have to just figure it out, if you a complete begginer see this thread:

it will get you acquantece with all the basics of pixelart, but if you ever need something in particular

check these guys out.

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Thank you so much