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Hello everyone,
I shared a post of a few birds i did when i first downloaded Aseprite at the beginning of the year. Thank you to everyone who saw that and either liked it or shared an inspiring comment. Since then i have done a lot more and learned a few tricks. I started on a larger scene and today i am ready to share it. Probably it could be bigger in pixels and more work could be done to it. i’m still learning and i think i’ve made a lot of progress in the last month. Thanks for looking and have a great day!
cars and hill nighttime

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sir. some things, first, the detail volume is off, the from carts have a lot of detail but them everything else does not match it, second, if you are making “big pixels” why dont you simply scale it down the canvas, the main thing with pixelart is do more with less, thats the main differenciator between pixelart and normal digital art, so be mindful, some things that could help this piece in particular are:

Perpective: see a video on the topic, it will help the scene you are aiming for

Draft: i recommend you to draft the artwort in paper or another program you are familiarize with, it can be very helpful when doing these bigger pieces, once you have that down, i also recommend putting the basic shapes down.

Find your way: theres two major ways(that i know) to do pixelart, sculpiting and outlining.
Sculpiting: sculpiting usually consists of putting down the basic shapes using color with brushes/shape tools etc, and them chipping them down the shapes until you reach your desired detail volume.

Outline: outlining usually is a start contrast, insted of putting the basic shapes down with colors, they start by doing and detailing the outlines, them values, them finally colors

its important to see what better fits you to know how you should start your pieces

Regading animation: you see, unless you plan to be an animator maily, i recommend making the animations only after the static part is done.

And last but not least, unless you know color theory and shading, and you are very confident in your skills, use a palette man, you can add your touches to it, or more colors after, but its good to have a solid start point to every piece, i myselft love color theory and shading, and know almost every little trick on the books, use a palette most of the time, spend some time on lospec and find something you fancy mate.