Chocolate Textures

Which one of these works better?



I am trying to make my own textures based off other guys’ textures with my own spin of sorts, but I think I am getting things wrong with things like size

I am not sure when it comes to this chocolate for example

Chocolate Textures

Somethings also kinda look wrong in here for example, for this attempt at white chocolate

I’m also not too sure about the lighting of this other chocolate, particularly in the middle

Chocolate Textures

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you got set a consistent size otherwise its not possible to help you since i dont know how much of information i have to work with, thats priority number one

TBH, I’m kinda basing off my stuff off another guy’s stuff, but they’re not using 32x32’s, I guess

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Question, does this look alright?

Meat Texture1

Or am I getting some of the lighting wrong


Looks pretty good :+1:

Looks really cool!