CINTIQ 13 wx and Aseprite?

Good morning! I am writing on this issue. Now downloaded the Trial version of the program, and immediately the question arose. I’m drawing now on CINTIQ 13 wx. (System - Windows 7 Professional 64). The program does not perceive the tablet as a “tablet” and does not want to work with it. As if there are no drivers. But they are, because in Photoshop, Sai and Clip Studio everything works! These are some problems with my tablet or the program does not support such “old” tablets?
Thanks in advance for the answer!

I don’t know what drivers the 13 wx uses, but I recommend downloading the WacomTablet_6.3.29-6 drivers instead of the newest ones, as they have issues all over the place.

A possible option that you might try, is disabling the wintab driver unchecking Edit > Preferences > Experimental > Load wintab32 library: