Cleanedge rotation algorithm implementation

Hey, so I remember reading a while ago that the rotation and scaling tool cleanedge was going to be implemented directly into Aseprite, but I haven’t heard anything about that in months . Is that still planned?

It is imo a significant upgrade to rotsprite, and it would be way more convenient to have access to directly in Aseprite instead of needing to use the external tool every time lol

I don’t see much difference with rotsprite.

I have introduced one of my sprites with a lot of texture and it has rotated it practically the same, that is to say, mediocrely.

The sprite rotation only serves me as a base, then I have to repaint it practically again.

Where did you notice the improvement?

Thanks and greetings.

No veo mucha diferencia con rotsprite.

He introducido uno de mis sprites con mucho textura y lo ha rotado practimente igual, o sea, mediocremente.

La rotación de sprites sólo me sirve como base, después toca repintarlo prácticamente de nuevo.

¿Dónde has notado la mejoría?

Gracias y saludos.

Cleanedge isn’t perfect to be clear, I just think it does a better job than Rotsprite. You will still need to make adjustments to the result, but there are fewer required. I find it handles outlines better in particular.


Note how RotSprite has missing bits on the outlines and some burrs, while the Cleanedge rotation is mostly free of them.

Anyway, the Aseprite devs have said before they wanted to implement Cleanedge in Aseprite, so I was just wondering if that was still planned or if it was dropped.


Thank you very much for your response.

I see what you comment and I notice the slight improvement in terms of contours.

I really liked the interface of the application and the possibility of being able to try different angles and options to choose the best figure.

Having variety of algorithms when rotating is always welcome.

I usually try the two methods that Aserprite has and slight variations.

Sometimes indicating a very small rotation has improved the image a lot.


Muchas gracias por la respuesta.

Veo lo que comentas y noto la ligera mejoría en cuanto a los contornos.

Me gustó mucho el interfaz de la aplicación y la posibilidad de poder probar diferentes ángulos y opciones para elegir la mejor figura.

Tener variedad de algoritmos a la hora de rotar siempre es bienvenida.

Suelo probar los dos métodos que tiene Aserprite y pequeñas variaciones.

A veces indicar un pequeñisimo giro me ha mejorado mucho la imagen.