Cloud space for files

I wish i could have an access to the cloud space for my files. For example, i have several computers and i do not want to migrate files by hand. I would also like to have an access to previous versions, kinda the same way how figma works.

I don’t particularly think that Aseprite has a cloud service or really would have one, but if you do need one I think Dropbox would probably be your best bet

Hi there :wave: at the moment we don’t have plans for something like this, probably in a far far future when Aseprite for desktop ↔ iOS ↔ Android have to communicate each other in an easy way, but 1) We first have to develop such versions, and 2) the cloud service would be a subscription-based service (as this cloud-based storage is quite expensive to maintain), 3) we would prefer to give support for already stablished services first (Dropbox, iCloud, etc.)