Color Blending tool

I am reallly having trouble selecting the right colors, especially for 32 bit, choosing the right color is a big deal. So how about adding an option or tool which would make color picking that much easier?

For example, I will pick 2 colors (black, white) then the system/tool will suggest the best “in-between” color(gray) to make the in between color harmonize or mix well with the other 2 colors.

colors have numbers (#) so maybe you guys could find a way with it.

Sounds like this is what you want?

thanks I already have it but how I wish it would be like the new eraser tool feature wherein we could have a preview of how it would look if applied, I mean, I’m a newbie I would just like to get things as easy as it could possibly be and also I’m having a hard time with colors, especially when shading in 32x32