Color change blocked

Alright this is a bit bizzare. But today I’ve been experiencing a bit of a problem regarding changing one particular color, be it with Shift + R or right click eraser. The color is #b37d32 and it’s the only color i cannot change. I reseted the PC once, fixed it but the problem came up pretty quickly again.

Is there a way to lock a certain color and I did that and simply do not know it?


that’s strange… can you erase the pixels with eraser tool? if so, are you sure your brush isn’t in shading mode?

ps. i consider the fact shading brush mode and custom brushes ignore ‘paint with background colour’ when it’s either mask (shading mode) or completely (custom brush) as quite an issue.

I could erase it yes, but that’s not what i wanted to do. I could change other colors on the same layer so it’s not either brush or layer thing i think. I did a workaround of making palette from sprite, then deleting the CURSED color from palette and index the picture.