Color palette visible on expert mode

a lot of times I work on Expert mode to have a better view of my canvas and its anoying to quit expert mode to qet access to color palette… so a small shortcut that shows a popup color palette or color wheel on pointer position would be cool.

wtf is expert mode mate? you talking about ctrl+F? if yes you can still scroll trought the color palette using alt scroll to change primary color, and alt+shift scroll to change the secondary.

Yeah ctrl+f Full screen… also known as expert mode on other soft… and that’s a nice tip to know. looks like I’m not so expert lol hahahaha. but still kind of hard to find the color I need from the pallete like that. some times the palette is big and scrolling all over it will be a mess… at least for me. also, how to access scroll when i’m using a pen, mine does not have a scroll on it?