Color Replacer Issues

EDIT: Almost immediately after posting this, I accidentally set tolerance from 0 to 2 on one of the pixel colors that wouldn’t replace and it instantly worked. Even if I was recoloring the exact same pixel I’d sampled from (with no transparent layers or overlays between them), the replacer only worked if I added tolerance. Thinking back on it, I feel like I run into this problem primarily with orange hues (like when changing #e9793f to #a86d47), whereas when I was changing other colors I had no problem at all.

Hey folks, I downloaded Aseprite v1.2.6-x64 recently and overall I love it, but I’m running into a weird problem and my google-fu hasn’t come up with any answers.

I’m recoloring a game map, which means heavy use of the Color Replacer tool. I’ve noticed that after a while, the Replacer stops working. I’ll open the tool up and not only will no preview appear, but the pixels still won’t be recolored even after I’ve executed the change. I’ve checked and double-checked and I’m definitely on the correct layer, and the layer is visible and unlocked. (Sometimes it’ll stop working immediately after I recolored another set of pixels on the same layer, which is annoying af). Sometimes it’ll still recolor other pixels in the file or work in other documents, just not that specific hex color. Other times it dies completely.

Sometimes the problem resolves if I close Aseprite and restart it; other times I have to restart my entire computer, and sometimes even then certain pixels won’t recolor. I’m on a laptop, but I have an nVidia 940MX with 1GB VRAM, so I’m not completely skewered in the GPU department. Task Manager shows I’m using only a third of my RAM, a fifth of my CPU, and barely any of my VRAM.

Other than this issue, Aseprite has been fantastic, but this has been driving me nuts. I’m tired of having to hand paint whole sections because the Color Replacer decided it’s having a bad day or whatever. If anyone else has had experience with this problem or has suggestions on how I can fix this, it would be sincerely appreciated.