Color variation for snap/non-snap grid

After using Aesprite for a couple days, I am loving it! But one thing constantly trips me up: grid snapping. I use grid snapping all the time to select and move tiles around but forget when I leave it on. It would be nice to have some visual indicator that it is active. I suggest adding a new color for the grid when snapping is active. I realize there is a message that appear in the lower right, but I use a Cintiq for pixel art and my arm is basically always covering that part of the screen.

I think this problem would be better solved by saving the position of the “Disable snap to grid” button. It can already be dragged anywhere you want so it doesn’t have to be behind your arm, but unfortunately its position resets every time you re-enable snap to grid.

Changing the colour is not a good idea, as people may pick grid colours for optimum visibility on their current project, and changing them significantly enough to be noticeable can impact visibility.

But couldn’t you simply choose the same color for both modes to achieve the current behavior? I am trying to suggest a way that won’t interfere with the way things currently work for users who aren’t bothered by the snapping.

I tend to work with keyboard shortcuts as much as I can, so having a very obvious indicator of the snapping feature would be a real help to my workflow. but just having some tiny box on the screen is really not a great solution because even if I can reposition it, I will naturally try to put it out of the way and then it won’t give me the feedback I am hoping for.