Color Wheel from my color palete or image

Guys there is a way to have a Color Wheel from my color palete or my image. In other words, I would like to show in my Color Wheel only the colors on my color palete or my image. It’s possible?

Thank you in advance !

Do you mind posting an image to show what you mean? Are you talking about this sorta thing?


(The palette is Fantasy 24.)

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Yes mate! Something like this! But my own palete! So my color wheel will be more simple… :smiley::pray:t3:

It’s a little difficult to explain, I know. I can’t find anything similar on the internet. But imagine this, you have a pallet of 12 colors, so your color wheel will display 12 colors. I don’t know if this would be possible, but it would be a great option for me. we would have the most simplified and accessible color scale. Exemple below:

With more color on your pallet more complex the color wheel: