Colours not picking in palette

I’m doing some art, I have some colours. I’ve created palette from art, and using it for further polish. I was updating palette few times, because my art got bigger, but today, when i’m trying to update palette, i think it doesn’t adds new colours, but more important thing, it doesnt correlates with colours on the piece, thus, when i’m picking colour with eyedropper it doesn’t show me which colour i picked on the palette.what is the problem? might it be large colour count(prob more than 256)?

Aseprite is limited to 256 colours, so if you have a lot, that would be a problem. It can display and create RGB pieces with more colours, but its palette will only handle as many colours as 8-bit Indexed colour mode can support.

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I don’t necessarily think that’s the case. If you save your files as indexed color mode .png-files it will definitely truncate the colors to 256 entries, but as long as you save the file as .aseprite it will retain even up to 1000 colors or more.

That being said, I know there’s a bug where if you load an image with way too many colors, even if you add thousands of colors to the palette it will never “link” a color you pick to the palette entries even if they are the exact same colors.


uh, okay ): thanks!

yeah, i think that is the case. i switched off some layers, whose colours i don’t need, and i could get new colours and pick them from palette

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