Column of Pixels Disappearing in 1 Frame

Hello! Im new so lmk if anything here is not quite right.

I am working on an animation for a game. I’ve got the canvas size set to 20x20 pixels. It’s a very small image.

The issue I’m having is the sprite looks fine in Aseprite, and everywhere else I put it. But when using the gif in-game I appear to be losing my left-most column of pixels once every frame cycle. Happens to be on frame 4/5, if that matters.

video of issue UPDATED

If it’s a console-specific thing, I can go ask around on those forums. Made an account here cuz it seems to be an aseprite thing. idk tho, im a total noob to animation.

I’m a little surprised I can’t post the .aseprite file but I can provide that somehow if it becomes necessary.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer.

The Youtube video you linked is private and cannot be viewed by others.

Short answer, start by making sure the image is RGB color mode. If it already was in RGB, or if you need it to be in indexed, then look at

especially the sections Colors are Weird, Indexed color mode transparency and Gif Export Problems.

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ohhh my god. thanks for letting me know lol the youtube link has been updated to unlisted, rather than private.

and thanks for the suggestion, I will look into this thread and the color mode.

I’m only doing black/white/transparent color. Suuuuper simple. Idk if that changes anything you brought up.

Hopefully with the video fixed, people can actually see my issue and help lol my bad

Just wanted to pop back and say it was color mode. I had to switch to indexed for some reason.

Thank you!!!