Comment about the tile editor

Hi, I think the tile editor is coming soon right?
I would like to suggest something, it is the possibility of creating layers that can have different sizes.
Suppose I am creating a level, I have the level that occupies the screen. Now I want to create plants at ground level, for this I am only going to occupy a horizontal line 3 tiles high by the width of the screen, so for that area I would like to be able to define a layer of that size, but that the layer belongs to the file current, that is, it allows me to define layers or maps of different sizes.

Hola, creo que el editor de tiles está por llegar pronto verdad?
Me gustaría sugerir algo, es la posibilidad de crear capas que puedan tener diferentes tamaños.
Supongamos que estoy creando un nivel, tengo el nivel que ocupa la pantalla. Ahora quiero crear plantas a ras del suelo, para ello solo voy a ocupar una linea horizontal de 3 tiles de alto por el ancho de la pantalla entonces para esa zona me gustaría poder definir una capa de ese tamaño, pero que la capa pertenezca al archivo actual, es decir, que se me permita definir capas o mapas de diferente tamaño.

Hi there @SynthED! Yes, we’re working on the first v1.3 beta release with the new tilemap editor.

What you said will be a possibility because tilemaps are a new kind of layer, and you will be able to have several tilemaps in the same sprite (each tilemap with different grid sizes / tilesets / position / number of tiles in width/height). It’s even possible to combine tilemaps with regular layers, etc.