Compilation of fonts and palettes!

Hi, I have to clarify that I’m no expert at all in pixelart, I just wanted to share the images and .ase for the palettes and fonts that I like u.u

You may know that pixel fonts come with a “default” size, so I write this number (size) next to the font name. Additionally on the file, you can find a .txt file with the font name and the size: I made this to make it easier when you are about to select your font in the Aseprite menu, you can change/filter the “file type” to “all files” so you can see and remember the font size (quite long explanation, maybe not useful but lol)

So here they are:

Fonts file: FONTS - Google Drive

I couldn’t add the preview itself of the palette compilation due to the file size, however you can check it on the .ase file for the Palettes, but it looks like this:

Palettes file: PAlettes - Google Drive

Here you can find both of the .ase files:

Aseprite files (fonts and palettes): .ase files - Google Drive

I hope new users may find this useful, it took a while to see and download fonts and palettes you like. :smiley:


hi, that’s a great idea!
i will add that users can also find new palettes at lospec:
and for creating pixel art fonts or downloading existing ones from gallery there’s bitfont maker: BitFontMaker2 - Pixel Font Gallery

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