Compile on MacOs Catalina does not go past the Cmake stage

Hello everyone. I was trying to install and compile aseprite on mi MacBookPro with macOs Catalina 10.15.6. I installed everything needed for the build, xcode, cmake, ninja, etc. I also skipped the step to build skia by installing it directly from the GitHub and unzipping the macOs build to my $HOME/deps/skia. This is an image showing where the install is
The folder organization

Then, I typed the following commands independetly of each other on my terminal using zsh, Iterm2.
cd aseprite
mkdir build
cd build
-G Ninja

ninja aseprite (Could not do this command as previous cmake stage fails)

Do keep in mind that I changed OSX_SYSROOT to where my mac os sdk is which is at /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk
The problem is that this is the output that that command gives me

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I have tried for all day to solve this problem. If somebody can help me compile it would be great!

Both Cmake output logs can be found here: CMakeError.log · GitHub

Folder Organization is correct as far as I know

The last error I see in your logs is:

src.c:8:14: error: implicit declaration of function 'recv' is invalid in C99 [-Werror,-Wimplicit-function-declaration]

I also see from your log that you are using Xcode 12 or its command line tools (or, given that you posted this in August before Xcode 12 was final, one of its beta releases).

New in Xcode 12, implicit function declarations are now an error; they used to be a warning only.

I don’t see this problem when I build curl 7.72.0 separately. I don’t know what version of curl Aseprite is bundling but it is several years old. The developer of Aseprite probably just needs to update the bundled curl to a newer version that has fixed this problem.

You could work around the problem by building curl separately first, then building Aseprite against that (adding the -DUSE_SHARED_CURL=YES cmake flag when you build Aseprite).