Compiling aseprite for the RaspberryPi 3, Raspbian

I have recently tried to compile aseprite on the raspberry pi 3. I followed the instructions provided by the readme on aseprites github. However building aseprite failed when running “ninja aseprite”. Previous steps suceeded without error, yet ninja shows me a lot of error messages tracing back to curl. It seems like curl is not properly configured or there are some errors within the integration of curl in the build process.
According to the output of ninja, Basic Curl macros have not been defined (e.g. the curl sizeof constants) and certain structs of curl are unknown. Did anyone here tried to build aseprite for the raspberry pi and suceeded or encountered similar errors?

I haven’t tried, but i could see if I could do it in RPi2

That’d be cool. Make sure to post your results :slight_smile: