Compiling for Android Discussion


I’m aware that there’s many topics asking when an Android port will be released.

As someone doing pixel art professionally, I’d love to see this wonderful software officially on a mobile device (other than an expensive Surface pro). Would make working while traveling a lot more convinient.

Heck, I’d even buy the software a second time if I had to, if it was made available on the Play Store.

I understand that there’s a lot to do, and this doesn’t seem to be a priority right now, so we probably won’t be seeing such a port any time soon…

However, amidst my frenetic search for a solution (that doesn’t involve a subpar experience, using Termux) I noticed that, on December 2023, Libresprite released their 1.1-dev preview builds, which included… AN ANDROID VERSION. :scream:
(I almost jumped out of my seat with excitement when I saw it!)

It’s prone to crash a bit and I’m having trouble accessing the storage to open and save files, but the experience is incredibly smooth!!
It even has touch gestures to zoom in and out!

However, build instructions are not provided, with only the .apk being available…

But I guess that this proves that building for Android is possible.

So I’d like to open a discussion on how they might have achieved this and if it’d be possible to do the same with Aseprite.

Does anyone have a clue? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just tried this because you mentioned it and its the only thing letting it down.

Just wish there was an android app for Aseprite so i can continue on my tablet, I’d also pay again for it.

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