Compiling on MacOS "" not found

I’ve been trying to compile the newest version of aseprite (1.2 I believe), and have figured out how to complete the whole process, the only problem I am facing is when I follow the instructions I call 'cmake ’ and it does everything correctly or at least it looks like it does, but when I try to run the last command ‘ninja aseprite’ I get the error in the title “ninja: error: loading ‘’: No such file or directory”, I have started from scratch around 4 times and I get the same error everytime, does anyone know why? or how i can fix this?. my operating system is Mojave 10.14.6
thanks :slight_smile:

In the MacOS dependencies section it’s written version 10.15 is required and you said yours is 10.14… Maybe that’s the problem.

you’re completely right, I overlooked that part and only saw the SDK which I do have up to date, I will try that. Thanks

turns out mojave 10.15.3 does not exist, I think they maybe meant Catalina ?

Yeah 10.15 is called Catalina. Mojave is 10.14