Compiling on Ubuntu

I followed compiling tutorial on github and compiled aseprite. This is what I got.

What should I do to run the aseprite? I am using Ubuntu 18.04.1, thanks.

Executable should be inside /bin/

Yeah right, but with what app should I run “aseprite” file, sorry I am really new in Linux.

Uuuh, I dunno. It’s an executable so you should just be able to double click it to run, but I’ve never used Linux.

  1. Right click in an empty area of your file browser while inside the bin folder you have pictured here. There should be an option that says “Open in terminal”. If not, open a terminal window manually and type

    cd Home/Documents/Aseprite/build/bin

Note: the terminal command is the path to where @igniss chose to install Aseprite. If anyone else is reading this be sure to change the path to wherever you installed the software.

  1. ./aseprite

Put that into your terminal and Aseprite will open. The terminal window must remain open or Aseprite will close.

wait, is that linux or macOS?