Computer Pixel Art

I am pretty new to pixel art and I wanted some feedback on how this computer looks, and how I can improve it.

pixel art computer

well fist i would recommend for you to try some colored outline second, you could also use some use some shade pixels on the neck and just keep going

take a look at this trend it will welcome you to the pixel world

Thanks for the feedback, is this better?
pixel art computer with shade

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Now that I look at it, the shade is a bit simple, im probably gonna add more variation to it

Evil computer >:D

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Looks like somebody smashed their keyboard a bit too hard…
pixel art computer error


I improved the shade and made the computer bigger so that I can add more detail in the future

θ€ƒθ™‘εšιΊ¦ι‡‘ε‘”ηš„εƒη΄ θ‰Ίζœ―ε— :star_struck: