Convert Static png to Spritesheet based on Defined Rules

Hi All,

I don’t have much experience writing script but was hoping someone could help me out with a project that I’m working on. We’re designing avatars that will have a standardized animation in game, but will have the option to change various properties such as clothes, hats, glasses, etc.

I’ve been drawing the animation first, and then extracting each individual layer manually, which has become very time consuming to do for each new character. Is there a way that I could take a static png of a single property (such as a hat) and automate a series of steps (i.e. copy frame 1 into 16 frames, lower frames 2, 3, 6, and 7 by 1 pixel, and flip frames 5-8 and 13-16 horizontally) and export into a 4 x 4 sprite sheet?

This post below was pretty close to what we were looking to accomplish; however, instead of designing the animation with layers to begin with, I’d like to convert a single frame image into an animation.

I’d like to be able to adjust these defined rules based on how each property needs to behave within an animation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Funny you mentioned that because that’s exactly an idea that I had for an extension. I was thinking about allowing a user to create something like a macro, save it and then replay it whenever they want.

My ideal implementation would be able to record what you’re doing, from a point in time you start the recording, save it and then allow you to replay it. But that’s not possible at the moment.

Does it sound like the tool you were looking for?

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Yeah, that’s actually exactly what I’m looking for haha. Is this kind of extension possible to develop?

I strongly believe it is, I have some ideas about how it could be achieved - I’m always more worried about how to make it convenient for users.

I’d like to make a proof of concept based on your use case but I can’t promise when it will be done.