Convolution matrix applies to all layers instead of one

in a document I have 3 layers. when I try to apply convolution matrix on one of them, it applies on all 3 of them. Am I doing something wrong? I have also animation frames, but before doing matrix i always select the particular frame i want to change. and, actually it also applies to all animation frames as well

If you click a frame and then use the matrix it will count the frame as selected and edit the entire frame, including all layers for that frame. If everything is being edited always, you probably have the matrix settings set to “all” instead of selected.

If you work a lot with the mouse and click to select frames, try pressing escape before you open the matrix dialogue as it will de-select the frame/layer.


oh, yeah, i found the issue, it was set to all, I somehow missed it! sorry :sweat_smile:

Wow, that was one hidden feature! Thanks for pointing that out KashouC!
For a moment there I though it was a bug just like how Elena_Nazaire reported