Convolution matrix issues

As of a couple days ago, when i use the convolution matrix it only affected the layers selected. Now it is affecting every visible layer each time and i don’t remember adjusting any settings that should affect this. I am well aware of making sure the proper layers are selected, I’ve tried selecting layers and the individual cells as well. This also applies to basically any color changing tools in the menu like hue or brightness adjust as well. Until two days ago, I was able to use the matrix per layer with no issues. Is there a setting i may have changed by mistake or was set to on by default in an update in the last few days?

this sounds like you accidentally changed settings from ‘selected’ to ‘all’. it is always below rgba buttons:

thanks, must have clicked it by mistake. I figured i had changed something without realizing, but that is a pretty unintuitive place for a setting that affects literally every color effect so I didn’t even think to look there. good to remember that exists now though


I’ll include another caveat: Looks like you can open one adjustment dialog, toggle between Selected and All, then open a different adjustment dialog and the new adjustment will retain the same setting as the previous. This could be intuitive for some users/cases, counterintuitive for others.

(I found this out via Lua scripting. The CelsTarget is under global preferences: app.preferences.filters.cels_target. 0 is selected, 1 is all.)