Copy a single frame to entire timeline

Through extensive searching I have not found a tutorial to copy a single frame to my entire timeline which is 3000 frames long. Is there a tutorial or anyone who can help with instructions to do this? All i’m seeing is to copy frame into 2nd, then both to 3rd and fourth and to keep doing that but is there an easier way? Or am i stuck doing that method?

  1. Select a lot of empty cels and one non-empty cel
  2. Right click → Link cels
  3. Right click → Unlink

Enjoy )))

Also I advice to link all cels of background layer and make this layer continious (two dots icon after eye and lock icons at left side in layers window before each layer name in list). Linked cels change together i.e. share same sprite data. You may link any cels of one layer.


ty so much! i also cant lock them since the backgrounds will be constantly changing for sunrise/midday/sunset/night but after those are done yes i will be :slight_smile: i appreciate your help!