Copy Paste has completely broken

I’ve been using this program for a year and it’s been fine, then suddenly today the copy paste tool has completely stopped working all of the sudden. Using any of the marquee or lasso tools, I click and can set the outline of the area I want to select, but the moment I let go of the mouse to activate the selection (spawning the black and white animated border around the area I have chosen) it just doesn’t appear.

Closing and reopening the program, using any of the different selection tools, changing the chosen colour, trying it on any different type of image doesn’t work. The ability to actually select, copy and paste has just been permanently turned off. Right before this happened, I had previously selected a piece of a sprite and then left it like that after minimizing the window. When I came back it wouldn’t let me click out of the selection to remove it, then when I closed and reopened the program I couldn’t select anything anymore.

I would reinstall it, but I changed computers and don’t have the installer on this computer nor do I remember the original account which I used to buy it from this site. Outside of buying it again so I can reinstall it again, I have no idea how to possibly fix this and it will be barely possible to work without being able to select or copy anything.

Forgive me if you have already checked this but Is it possible you have locked a layer?

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It’s unlocked yes, I’ve never even touched that feature before. The select tools have just suddenly broke, apparently when I minimized the window. Unless there is some other feature I don’t know of that could be disabling it, but this has never happened before.

Try checking in View -> Show and see if Selection Edges is turned off. It should be turned on.

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I don’t have that option in my view tab, the only mentions it makes using those words are Show Pixel Grid, Show Grid and Selection as Grid. The last of which is faded out.

Would Selection Edges be something that was added in an update? I don’t think my version of the program has ever been updated since I downloaded it from here a year ago. But there’s never been any problems with it until just now.

Alright, last thing I can think of is to make sure you’re in the right selection mode.

The underlined options should NOT be on the minus option, as that subtracts selections. I usually use the + which is additive selection (which adds to the current selection instead of making a new one every time).


Thanks, changing one of those brought it back. It’s weird considering I never touched those options, there must be some kind of hotkey that toggles them which I accidentally pressed.

Well, whatever happened the important thing is that it works again. ^^ Glad I could help.