Copy Paste Transparent Space Turning Solid

When I copy an element with transparent pixels from one indexed aseprite window to another with the same palette, it solidifies the transparent pixels into the second color in the palette, making copy paste very work intensive.

My transparent color options are set to transparent, and my first indexed color is set to Alpha 0, changing it to match the background color doesn’t solve

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I am currently have the same issue - I understand this post is from Oct '21, but I’m not sure how to solve this problem! *specifically with copy/pasting between different .aesprite files, both open in Aseprite with the same color palette.

What version of Aseprtie and OS are you running? Could you provide an example file(s) that cause the same problem?

I tried the described scenario on Aseprite 1.2.34-1-x64 under Window 11 and I can’t reproduce the issue.