Copying all visible layers?

In GIMP for example if you hit something like CTRL+SHIFT+C you will copy ALL visible layers, not just the selected layer. This can be really handy for, example, moving over the lower half of a chracter’s body so you can re-work the legs, without deleting the old reference. (When they’re all on a separate layer, I mean.)

But I can’t do that here. I HAVE to copy one layer at a time and that’s not very helpful for what I need sometimes. How do I do this? Can I do this?

Ctrl+Shift+C does the same thing in Aseprite, it’s called Copy Merged.


Just tested it and it worked. For some reason it wasn’t working earlier, maybe I was just pressing buttons wrong idk. Thanks for the reply.

copy merged, creates a merged version of the visible layers to the clip board. you can only paste the merged result into 1 layer.

I’m looking to select a region and copy/past it form/to all layers…

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