Copying layers easily

Hello everyone,
I am pretty new to aseprite so I might have missed a nifty shortcut for this, but
I would like to be able to right-click or CTRL + D/ or CTRL + C on selected Layers and copy them faster instead of manually right-clicking them in their folder structure. I am in the process of creating a tileset with many layers, each of them represents a different tile. To create a map and get a grasp of how it will look like I have to rely heavily on the copy-paste mechanism and this gets a bit annoying so I wondered if there is a better way to do this :slight_smile:

Thanks for creating this awesome Software!

You can copy it in most standard ways, like holding ctrl while dragging it to copy, clicking the layer then just copying and pasting with ctrl+c ctrl+v, but you can also bind Layer -> Duplicate to a button if you want to be able to just press a hotkey to create a copy of the current active layer.

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That is what i was looking for, thank you!