Create New Continuous Layer

I salute your efforts, linking cels is one of those things that seems easy but there’s no clear explanation anywhere on how to do it.

The trick that I found is that in order to link cels, or even select them to be in the active range you need to specify BOTH - layers and frames, cels are on their intersection. With this knowledge you can write a script like this:

    local sprite = app.activeSprite

    -- Create a new layer
    local newLayer = sprite:newLayer()
    newLayer.isContinuous = true

    -- Creat a cel in the first frame of the layer, without this cels won't link
    sprite:newCel(newLayer, 1)

    -- Get all of the frame numbers into a table/array
    local frames = {}
    for frameNumber, _ in ipairs(sprite.frames) do
        table.insert(frames, frameNumber)

    -- In order to select cels in range we need to specify both layers and frame - cels are their intersection
    app.range.frames = frames
    app.range.layers = {newLayer}


No need for a new sprite in this approach which means no risk of losing data. :v:

Definitely, you should add the feature where the new layer is above the current one and not on top of the stack - it will mimic how native Aseprite functionality for adding layers behaves, making it more intuitive for users. I’d suggest looking into Layer.stackIndex to achieve that.