Create Palette using visible AND hidden colors

Hey all! This is my first post in the community. Been using Aseprite for over a year now and absolutely love it. Better than Photoshop and any other pixel art editor I’ve used. Very impressed with the ongoing development as well.

Anyways. Often I am working in RGB color mode and I want to modify some colors. The best way to do this is to switch to indexed color mode so I can see my changes on the fly. Before switching modes, I will use the “Create palette from current sprite” option so that when I change to indexed mode, all my colors are still there.

There is one problem. This option will create a palette using the visible sprite only. So if you have some pixels hidden behind other layers, they would not have their unique colors added and switching to indexed mode becomes destructive. It would be great if this option would add ALL the colors from all the layers rather than just what is visible, or better yet have a second option like “Create palette from current project”.

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