Creating Animal Crossing Patterns in Aseprite


I’ve started to use Aseprite for creating patterns on Animal Crossing.
(This works for Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer. This requires that you have unlocked the ability to scan and create QR Codes)
I figured other people might be interested in doing so.

Needed Things:
The above palette
This website:
SD Card in your 3ds

Step 1: Creating The Pattern.
Animal Crossing Patterns are 32 by 32
Load the downloaded Palette
Make sure to set your canvas to Indexed mode. (The pattern will only accept the Palette Colors)

Step 2: Getting Player Info
(This step is optional. If you want the design to register as your own in game, follow these steps)
Load up your AC Game.
Export one of your designs as a QR Code.
Once you do that, pop your SD card into your computer.
Navigate to the DCIM folder on your SD card and find the QR image file.
Copy that to your computer.
Load up the QR image file on the site by using “Load ACNL File or QR-Image”

If you’re making multiple patterns you should click the “Download ACNL File” button for later usage.

Step 3: Getting Your Pattern
Once you complete your pattern in Aseprite, export it as a png.
(Be sure to keep it as a 32x32 Image)

On the site, click “Convert Image” and select your newly created png file.
Then on your game, go to scan a QR code and scan the code on the site.

And Viola, you’re done!


can´t see the palette to download dude ? help me please

It’s a tiny embedded image. Here’s a direct link:

yeah but what do i have to do with it ?

As the post instructs, load it.

You can do this by clicking the palette options button in Aseprite image and choosing Load Palette. Then pick the image file.