Creating palette from image with color sorting?

Hello Aseprite Community!

I’m struggling with palettes in general. I want to develop a game and I realized, not even a 256 color palette will be enough. It’s OK, even SNES had 12 bit color palette so I decided to go further than 256 too. I want a unified palette for the whole game but what sprites I already made as practice… my generic 256 palette was not good enough.
So I want to make a bigger, at most 1024, but currently I have a 540+ color palette. Maybe it’ll be enough. I’ll see.

I made the palette in GIMP as a png file. It’s a generic 60 hue - 9 shades palette plus greyscales palette. Might be enough but I can’t get it there in Aseprite. When I want to create palette from image, I got all the colors I think, but I can’t sort them as I want to… sorting by hue doesn’t do enough, because it doesn’t sort by brightness / value / saturation. If I sort by saturation, then it won’t sort by hue.
Can I directly import that image as a palette somehow or sort the colors properly?
My palette is drawn like: sorted by hue with about 6 hue steps horizontally and sorted by saturation / value vertically. I wouldn’t use indexed colors of course because of the 256 color limit.


Aseprite will keep the previous order of colours when you sort, so if you have actual steps of hue/saturation/brightness you should be able to sort by them while keeping the orders consistent within each set of . If you want a nice 2D arrangement though, Aseprite can’t dot hat for you, you’ll need to do that manually, I believe. It’s not a trivial task, in any case.

However, once you’re getting into triple digits, you’re probably not going to have a unified palette unless it’s got a lot of barely distinguishable colours, and might as well just work with freeform colours at that point.

Consider using a small palette with a few well-defined ramps as swatches to give everything a unified look, and blending between them when/if needed. That’ll give you a unified look, while still allowing you to have additional gradations of saturation/value if you need them.

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