Crop/Trim foreground help

Hello I have been trying to figure out if or how you can crop out the foreground from an image I have drawn. Sprite -> trim only removes foreground in a square shape around my image but will not remove foreground in between. I thought the image might crop unused foreground when exported/saved but when I loaded it into unity, any unused space became black (forming a square around my image).
If anybody knows how to remove foreground I would appreciate it. Thanks

What do you mean with foreground? Can you share a screenshot showing what you’re trying to do?


Yeah! Just drew a shape real quick. So I guess Asesprite calls it background when you first go to create image. Well I guess it’s black since ive uploaded it but you get the idea. When you first make an image it just has the multigrey checkered pattern. I can’t figure out how to remove this from the final product

As long as you save as .png and you’re not using a background layer (bottom layer should NOT have an underscored layer name, if it does, right click it and pick layer from background), it’s going to be transparent, if it’s the black background you want to remove.

When making new files make sure you pick transparent background.

ahh makes sense thank you!

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hope this helps solve it :+1: