CRT retro shader

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What about adding to Aseprite a kind of retro CRT shaders while editing? (or at last for preview)

See here for example (Web GL demo):

For a closer look, see this image (comparison of the Famicom version of Wizardry (1987), on a CRT screen vs current HD monitor):

And imagine you draw with that old CRT preview directly in Aseprite (including “zooming in the shader” like in the image above).

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PS: full article including this image:


came here to post basically the same thing, word for word. it would be great to have a custom shader preview window

is this possibly something an extension could do? or a script?

edit: found a tool that takes a portion of the screen and applies the CRT sim from Super Win The Game SuperCRT by J. Kyle Pittman

The code is also there, might be a straightforward thing to implement


I did also found SuperCRT, but its resolution is limited. Here is another similar post where I compare some results:

The following CRT shaders are mentionned too:

A useful CRT shader would be quite a complex feature, as decent CRT emulation is not as simple as slapping a texture on top of the artwork. On top of needing a UI to handle all the parameters it needs, it would need to generate shadow masks, curvature math, and colour remapping on the fly according to the parameters (avoiding the complexity of that work is likely why SuperCRT has a fixed screen size that it targets), possibly with its own set of presets.

This seems like a feature best suited to either an external program like SuperCRT, or, more conveniently, a plug-in that adds an additional preview window to Aseprite. I don’t think this should be a core feature, as it’s a very large amount of work (and eventual file size) for something that is at best a curiosity for most users.

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I found a couple of interesting shaders on shadertoy, like Shader - Shadertoy BETA

That one was made explicitly for pixel art.

Registered just to give my two cents on this. I, too, am interested in a feature like this. When working on pixel art meant for blurry display, I’d like to see how it will actually end up looking while I’m working. The pixel art techniques are different.
I looked into the extensions API and couldn’t really find anything useful for this. Would be nice if someone more experienced in aseprite scripting could give us a hand. At least to say if it’s possible.

Honestly, doesn’t even need to be a full blown CRT shader, a simple blurred preview window would help!