Ctrl+alt not working to copy with snap

in Beta version ,
when I do a selection and I want to copy with snap using “ctrl+alt” its not working but in 1.2.28 is working fine.

any idea ?


here example between 1.2.28 & 1.3

so anyone can confirm, if is it a bug or there is an option to change this behavior ?
or is this the new way to do it ?

Hi @kloworks, try this:

  1. Use Ctrl key to copy the selection and press the mouse button
  2. Release Ctrl key (but keep the mouse button pressed)
  3. Press the Alt key
  4. Move the new item to the new grid location

Hi @dacap
That’s works but it feels like off to me, and do more clicks (slow workflow).

the previous 1.2.28

  1. Use Ctrl + Alt key to copy and snap to grid
    and done!

1.3 beta :

  1. in selection you need to use Ctrl +Alt click on the selection first
  2. then click and drag to copy with snap.

so the different between 1.2 and 1.3 that 1.3 need additional to click then u can start to drag while in 1.2 you just drag.
so is this consider bug or change behavior ? between 1.2 and 1.3

I send you DM with video voice