Custom Brush deleting themselves

Hello, I am sorry if this has already been reported. I am currently using Aseprite version 1.2.21 that is available on steam.

I seem to be having an issue with my custom brushes. I have noticed on my custom brushes that I am not always able to change the colors of them, and even when I attempt to change the color, my brushes will sometimes out right delete themselves.

I was curious to know if this is an issue that others are encountering or just myself.

Welcome @Zmakesgames, we’ve received other similar bug reports in the past. Not sure why this might happen, but one possibility would be to open two Aseprite instances, creating the custom brushes in one, closing this instance, and then closing the second instance (where the brushes weren’t created, so it will overwrite the brushes file from the first instance).

There are plans to fix this bug (like re-loading the brushes file when it’s modified externally by the user or another running instance of Aseprite).