Custom pixel aspect ratio


Hey there! I love Aseprite and it’s my go to choice for anything pixel art related. Except now I’m working on a game for a system that uses a 5:4 aspect ratio!

I started this topic because I could not find anything resembling a roadmap that I could check to see if this is a planned feature. I would very much like to have custom pixel aspect ratio. Anyone working on retro systems should encounter similar problems.

For now I’ll just have to… :sob: use gimp. I hate gimp. Please, set me free from Gimp, elders of aseprite. I can sacrifice a goat. Well, not a goat, I like goats. I’ll leave you a fruit basket or something. Near a volcano.


Hey there! I played with Aseprite’s data files for a little bit and it turns out that you can actually import your own custom ratios by editing a text file. Take a look!

New sprite window

Sprite properties. Those pixels certainly don’t look a 1:1 pixel to me!

You have to edit 2 files to show the custom ratio in sprite properties and the new sprite window.

Keep in mind that this might cause some bugs since I don’t if we should even do this. Only @dacap will be able to let us know whether it’s fine for us to mess around with the internal settings. But looking at the structure of the config files, it looks like it’s designed to do this kind of thing.

I made a guide on how to add custom ratios HERE.


Ooh! I am willing to take some risks. Thanks for the info, haloflooder!

I am free from gimp for now.

edit: Yup. Tested and it seems to be working fine for now. Just wanted to thank you again for taking the trouble.


@haloflooder hi there! no problem to mess with the xml files, the only problem is that in a next update your changes will be overwritten; anyway several times ago I gave the same advice for custom pixel aspect ratios (modifying the xml files manually) :+1:

I hope to have a better way in a near future :sweat_smile: