Customize arrow keys

There are several UI elements that compete for arrow keys. For example:

  • Navigate timeline (move through frames and layers, as arrow keys actually work)
  • Move selection boundaries (actually Alt+arrow keys, we can use +Shift to move the selection through tiles)
  • Move selection content (arrow keys when the selection is on)
  • Move cel position/frame content (like Ctrl+mouse movement, this behavior is not available at the moment)
  • Scroll (actually Space bar+arrow keys, we can use +Shift to scroll tiles)
  • Move through range loop
  • Move cursor pixel by pixel
  • Move layers and frames in timeline
  • Expand/collapse layer groups

We should have a way to assign arrow keys dynamically depending on what we want to do. Maybe a little arrows icon that can be dragged to the UI element that we want to control with arrow keys.

More information: Review arrow keys · Issue #558 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

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I am getting so much new information about Aseprite I never knew! Thanks!