Customizing layout of panels

TL:DR - Make it so that panels on the interface can be moved or resized with more freedom.

It would be a great feature if we were able to have greater control over the user interface. I’ve recently installed Aseprite, and some of the pieces of the UI are not in my preferred locations. It could also be considered an accessibility feature, helping people with different setups tailor the placement of elements so that they can work better within the limitations they have. There is some customizability in the scaling or position of certain parts, but not nearly enough.

I think the simplest way to select location would be implementing buttons to control the placement of each panel, similar to what the timeline currently has. A drag-and-drop system to put different panels in predefined slots could also work, but I’m too dumb to know how that could be implemented. It would just make it more convenient to reach some buttons depending on the individual person’s preferences.

Also, there should be an option similar to the size options on the color palette section for other buttons such as the foreground and background color selectors or tool selection buttons. While altering the overall screen or UI scale in preferences does offer some variability, the problem is that it offers too little control. Everything gets scaled up or down, and by a really dramatic amount for each increment. While I know hotkeys exist, I reckon not everyone has them memorized or wants to use them.

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