Decrease post letter requirement

so just something that bother me a little, when looking at some artwork i just wanna say very nice ou noice, but the caracter requiriment of a post being at minimum 10 letter such words arent possible to write by itself just something that bother me, maybe we could decrese to 5 or something

Be creative, add Oh, Well and etc

Consider adding some information to your post. Posts like “nice” and “I love this” are a nice positivity boost, but don’t really give the artist much to work with. Even if you don’t want to give the artist any constructive criticism, there’s still plenty you can say that’s purely positive and useful. What did you like about the piece? How did it make you feel?

(Similarly, when posting art, give people something to respond to! What are you looking for feedback on? What are your goals with the piece? What are you struggling with?)


sometimes, you want to say that its nice, especially when you cant find anything to critique and just wanna say nice, or very cool not all comment should need explaining why, also sometimes poeple just wanna hear a cool and not any critique with it

I’d just drop a like on the post in that case.