Delay when brush is first placed down

Not quite sure where to put this but I thought this was interesting and it might help others.

So this post is like a bug report and bug fix all in one.

I’m using a yoga pro 2 wacom enabled laptop.(drawing directly on the laptop screen)(similar to a cintiq) It works fine with aseprite for the most part. The only issue I had was a very slight bit of pause/lag each time I would put a pen stroke down. This issue was driving me nuts after I realized it.

However, this issue went away when I changed the default scaling of the screen scaling from 200% to 100%. I left the interface at 200% scaling though.(easier to see) The only reason that I can think of that caused the lag has to do with the drawing area being scaled up.

Hope this helps those that might’ve had this issue.

I had the exact same bug. I fixed it by switching tablet to mouse mode instead of pen mode. I’ll try your solution instead as soon as I get home!

Sorry, but, how do you change to the mouse mode?

Hi @Makapixel, can you confirm if this bug is still reproducible in v1.2.6 with Screen Scaling = 200% and UI Scaling = 100%? (the original/default scaling)